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Our human capital seen as one of the valuable key success factors which need to be prepare for readiness in driving business competitive advantages. SK NDT focuses on the growth of our diverse workforce with equal opportunities and development opportunity. At present, SK NDT is seeking the new talent, who are searching for their career advancement for long term growth and sustainability of our organization Interested persons may submit applications stating the position of interest, a recent photo, current and expected salary and resume

Applications can be submitted in the following ways : E-mail : center@skndt.com




has been defined as comprising those test methods used to examine an object,
material or system without, impairing its future usefulness.
NDT is used to investigate the material  integrity of the test object, i.e.


1.To ensure product integrity, and in tern, reliability.
2.To avoid failures, prevent accidents and save human life.
3.To make a profit for the user.
4.To ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the manufacturer’s reputation.
5.To aid in better product design.
6.To control manufacturing processes.
7.To lower manufacturing costs.
8.To maintain uniform quality level. 
9.To ensure operational readiness.

Our high performance NDT team has been conducting NDT and inspection services with the newest testing machines and equipment in the various fields shown below :


1) Nondestructive Testing & Related Services

– Radiography (RT) by gamma Ray & X Ray in various techniques including (Directional, Panoramic for Spherical &Cylindrical components and Crawler machine for pipelines

– Ultrasonic Examination (UT) by Manual and Automatic Flaw Detectors & AUT Phased Array and ToFD Services

– Liquid Penetrant Examination (PT)

– Magnetic Particle Examination (MT) by Dry and Wet Method

– Visual Examination (VT), Eddy Current Examination (ET)

– ASNT and PCN/EN-473/ ISO-9712 NDT Level III Service

– Advance NDT Testing Service

2) Inspection & Testing Services

– Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM)

– Positive Material Identification (PMI)

– Hydrostatic Testing

– Hardness Testing

– Ferrite Testing

– Mechanical and WPS , PQR , WQT Services



– Holiday Detector Testing for pipelines and other components

– Third Party Inspection service

– Independent Inspection and Testing Service

– Welding Inspection and Consultancy Services

– Industrial Video Borescope, Auto Visual Inspection Services

-Vibration Measurement

– Tank Floor Scanning

– Plant Inspection, Annual Turnover, shutdown works, etc.

– LPG, LNG, CNG Tank, Piping & Pipeline Testing


3) Manpower Training, Certification & Supply

– Educational & Practical Training of Industrial Field such as Welding, NDT, Painting, Quality Assurance & QA/ QC


– Manpower Supply

  1. a) QA/QC Welding Engineer and Inspector
  2. b) NDT Engineer, Inspector and ASNT Level I & Level II Technicians
  3. c) QA/QC Document Controller & Operator
  4. d) Qualified and Skilled Welder for Process Piping, Pipeline, Steel Structure, Storage Tanks in all welding processes

            e.g. GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, SAW, etc.


4) Inspection Work related to Government Sector (DOEB, CD, ED & Other)

– New Construction of LPG Sphere Tanks, Yearly Testing, Annual Inspection of LPG Storage Tanks, Sphere Tanks

And Bullet Tanks

– Oil Storage Tank Inspection and License Services

– Visual Oil & Gas Tank Calibration, Certification, Inspection and Testing as per Excise Dept., Customs Dept. and DOEB

– Oil & Gas Station & Trucks Inspection and License Service



SK NDT & INSPECTION CO., LTD. was established by a core management team in 2004, succeeding all staff members from the previous company. Staff members of the operation team are all qualified and certified in NDT and inspection field with brand new equipment and,swift mobility in order to offer services in the field of Nondestructive testing, inspections and testing throughout Kingdom of Thailand and overseas. Staff members of the management team have experiences of more than 15 years. Manpower amounts to 250 persons and more. They are positioned at the head office in Bangkok and  branch offices in Map Ta Phut (Rayong) All of the branch offices are located strategically, i.e. at places near the nation’s industrial zone in order to furnish prompt services at the time of the request of clients. Therefore, clients are assured to have prompt and accurate examination results., The company is ready to increase its manpower anytime when clients demand it.,

Our services are supported by accreditation of QMS ISO9001:2008 (TUV NORD) to ensure that all activities of the group are carried out in a manner that meets or exceeds the quality requirements agreed with our clients. SK-NDT personnel’s qualification and skill  level meets company’s written practice SK-QCP-026 Rev. 05 which meets the requirements of ASNT recommended practice No. SNT-TC-1A.


Our service field covers piping of various processes, steel structures, storage tanks, LPG tanks, sphere tanks (with and without government involved), onshore and offshore pipelines with X-ray machines (directional and crawler X-ray machine) and manual & automatic ultrasonic machines. The company also provide testing and inspection services., Our service teams at various locations are ready to hasten to clients’ job sites on swift mobiles with necessary testing and inspection equipment., In the area of Nondestructive testing and inspection, the company has at least 30% of the nation’s demand. The remaining 70% are shared by other 7 companies



From simple to highly complex inspections, SK-NDT personnel’s team has the training,
experience, technology and know how to deliver high quality inspection and testing services anytime,
anywhere. Our QMS is supported and accredited by ISO 9001:2008 (TUV NORD) We certified by ASNT to perform
our services




Our services are satisfactory by consultants like TUV, Lloyd’s, ABS and B.V for many projects   Company wide commitment to safety  Specialist professionals with expertise, qualifications &experience  Complete range of inspection services  Advanced but proven testing methods and techniques     Flexibility within the organization to respond and meet client requirements   Never  use  sub-contractor  or  unskilled personnel’s who will give you unfair results.




SK-NDT provides complete inspection and testing services for industries more than 185 trained,  certified technicians and inspectors. SK-NDT can safely and reliably meet any inspection requirement or industry standard on a 24/7/365 basis.





SK-NDT professional inspections validate the integrity of your material and process components and can detect deficiency prior to failure. These inspections help you to ensure quality, safety and productivity in your critical components and processes




SK-NDT’s accurate inspection services also help you to minimize both, scheduled and unscheduled downtime and will help you to make better, budgetary and management decisions.


Equipment’s Description Units/Sets
v   Gamma-ray projectors Ir192 (AEAT model 880 delta) 20 Units
v   X-Ray Machine External X-ray machine  (DRA) 12 Units
Pipeline crawler X-ray (for different pipe Dia. M.) 10 Units
v   Ultrasonic  Flaw Detectors, SONATEST Model SITESCAN 140, GE USM     Go+  (With memory and CP print functions) 16 Units
v   Auto. Ultrasonic’s  “AUT”  (PA & TOFD)  and Pipe Wizard  for pipelines 02 Units
v   Magnetic Particle Yokes AC/DC current 40 lbs & 10 lbs 15 Units
v   Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) Dakota MMX. Multi-mode 10 Units
v   Holiday Detector for Pipelines & Storage Tanks (Tinker & Rasor) 04 Units
v   Coating Thickness Gauge (Positector 6000) 04 Units
v   Vacuum Test for Plate, Angle and Pipe 06 Sets
v   Hydro-static Test Module (full set with pump and recorders/temp) 03 Sets
v  Positive Material Identification (PMI) Un-spark & Spark type 03 Units
v   Ferrite Scope (Fischer/MP30 E-S) 02 Unit
v   Hardness Tester POLDI (portable, Hard tip 3000), Krautkramer MIC 10 04 Sets
v   Mobile Darkroom Units (complete with equipments) 12 Units
v   Mobile Office Container Size 8” X 20” and 8” X 40” with darkroom 10 Units
v   Tank age and Sphere Calibration Services with or without government


05 Sets
v   Tank Floor Scanner (FLOORMAP VS2i & MFL 2000 with Hand scan) 04 Units
v   Video Bore scope EVEREST XLG3 Video Probe  and XL PRO.

(up to 30 meter accessible for tubes & 7 meters for pipes)

02 Units


All equipment’s of SK-NDT are fit for purpose, well maintained and calibrated as per the relevant applicable standard,  Certificates of the calibration of the equipment’s are available every time in office.  Equipment availability may vary as per the requirements of client, items may increase any time from our partner (Singapore) as needed.