Over 15 years experience, We offer complete non-destructive testing provide that you can trust. Our service field covers piping of various processes, steel structures, storage tanks, LPG tanks, sphere tanks (with and without government involved) onshore and offshore pipelines with X-ray machines(directional and crawler X-ray machine) and manual & automatic ultrasonic machines. The company also provide testing and inspection services. Our service teams at various locations are ready to hasten to clients' job sites on swift mobiles with necessary testing and inspection equipment In the area of Nondestructive testing and inspection.

Quality and service is our heart.
We are committed to the process and delivery of quality inspection services and continuous improvement for our customers satisfaction and as an organization we place the highest priority on the safety of our personnel, client personnel and the local community. “SK NDT” 15 years of expertise, We are very proud of quality non-destructive testing services, Our dedicated and professional staff has expertise and experience and We have professional quality equipment to service your needs

In constructing a huge and expensive plant or a structure, it is very risky to do so without confirming nonexistance of hidden and latent defects and flaws on the materials. If such defects / discontingency / flaws had been existed, the completed plant / structures would have apotentiality to be broken or damaged in the future, on which you might have a big claim and its compensation fees and repairing cost would be enormous. It would also cause a bad influence to the public and reputation of your company / organization.

We, SK NDT & INSPECTION CO., LTD., will solve the problem. On our confirmation of intactness and soundness of the matreials and weldment by our experts with our modern and precise testing equipment and machines, you will be secured of your precious plants / structures / machineries and construction.
SK NDT & INSPECTION CO., LTD. is the only company of anti subcontractors. We will never use them or the ones by street personnel nor subcontact other companies. We use only qualified and certified staff to do the job


Providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.

Prevent accidents, protect the environment and avoid economic loss.

Provide adequately qualified personnel for NDT, Inspection and other testing according to recognized industrial standard; use appropriate equipment and recognized techniques in performing work. Staff shall be adequately trained and their skills are reviewed periodically to ensure continuing relevance and suitability.

Motivate all staff to understand and implement the policies, procedures, standards, and instructions of the company’s quality system


Loyalty to company objectives, employees taking responsibility for  their  own  part  performance  when  the  pressure is on, ensuring that commitments are kept.

The quality of product and service fit for purpose and not built down to a cost point .

Ensuring  that  the  solution works  for the  customer and at all times meets or exceed customer expectations.

Honesty in dealings with all customers